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alternative energy, anarchism, anarchists, anti-academics, anti-bullshit, aquaculture, atheism, backwards neon bar signs, bangles, banjos, battles, beagles, beatles, becky, beer, beets, big girls, bondage, bottles, buckles, buggles, bugles, burglars, communism, communitarianism, community, community gardens, corn, crawdaddies, democrats, destroying leeches, fuck this shit, gardening, green party, growing a future, kicking groundhog ass, liberals, marginalized, marx, metal, natalie imbroglio, networking, opposing gentrifiers, peaches, post punk, pot smokers, punk, punk rock, racing with kittens, seeds, ska, socialism, solidarity, spotting hypocrisy & kicking-it's-ass, squatters, sustainable agriculture, taking over the neighborhood, veggies, weeding out the crap
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